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News of the Planetary Development Effort.

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06/02/13 kohlhase 2013-02-13: PlanetMath.org is based on Planetary code #497

On February 13th 2013, PlanetMath.org was updated to use Planetary. Some release notes are here. You can find the old Noösphere-based system on http://noosphere.planetmath.org.

06/02/13 kohlhase 2013-05-30: Launched Planetary-based OAFF #496

We should allow comments and explanations into the MMT content.

04/16/13 kohlhase 2013-02-13: new home for Planetary code on github #485

After a long time with murky code origings, we gave the Planetary code a new home on github (see https://github.com/KWARC/planetary) to make it more accessible/findable. We plan to use the github issue tracker for user-reported issues and keep the TRAC as a project planning tool, since it is more featureful. The Planetary TRAC will be updated to show the github repository in the source browser eventually.

05/06/12 kohlhase 2012-05-06: Position Paper on Active Documents and Semantic Libraries #460

Michael Kohlhase has released a position paper Mathematical Documents want to Active, Digital Math Libraries want to be Semantic --- Position paper for WDML 2012 that explains the active documents paradigm underlying the Planetary system.

05/06/12 kohlhase 2012-04-26: Two Planetary papers accepted at CICM 2012 #459

Two papers about the Planetary System have been accepted for publication at CICM 2012 in Bremen.

03/08/12 kohlhase 2011-12-01: KeyREx starts with Planetary Student Projects for the Class of 2014 #449

We have started the KeyRex (KWARC Early Research Exprerience) with topics from PantaRhei. We have about 15 aspiring freshmen, who want to build

  • a course provider (so that we can easily add courses)
  • a course notes facility (so that students can take LaTeX notes)
  • a set of nicer themes for PantaRhei
  • extensions of the JOBAD system.

03/08/12 kohlhase 2012-02-16: Planetary saves PlanetMath.org data #448

Apparently a crash in the cloud service hosting the PlanetMath.org production and backup servers led to a total data loss. As the Planetary had received a database dump on 2011-10-23, the data loss could be limited to that date.

03/08/12 kohlhase 2012-01-14: Metadata Subsystem Work Resumed #447

Joe Corneli has received a grant from KMI to resume the work on the Metadata SubSystem?. We expect to see results (importantly MSC2010 integration into PlanetMath) of that soon.

03/08/12 kohlhase 2011-10-16: Three bachelor's theses in Planetary #446

Three Jacobs Students have chosen bachelor's topics in the Planetary Project:

  • Bogdan Matican: A semantic Karma System
  • Alex Dumitru: A Front-End for PlanetMath
  • Vlad Merticaricu: logcalized comments and refereeing

07/11/11 jcorneli 2011-07-11: The Drupal port of Planetary can be found on Github #388

See https://github.com/cdavid/drupal_planetary for new download instructions. This repository will shortly be tracked on this Trac, so no need to change your links.

For those who are new to Git, please see MinimalGit for enough instructions to get started. See DrupalPorting for information about the port itself.

07/08/11 kohlhase 2011-07-02: Planetary will be ported to Drupal #385

The Planetary developers have decided to port the Planetary System to the Drupal container management system (see details). The system was based on the Vanilla Forums up to now. We have completed a first experiment to port a base system LaTeX editing and localized commenting to Drupal and the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. The Drupal CMS is a much better fit (as a CMS) than Vanilla to the main thrust of the Planetary System. We will try to complete the port to Drupal over the summer, with the Planetary 0.1 Release as a target milestone. All port-related tickets (i.e. those aiming to reach feature parity with the EPC state should be targetted to this milestone (which has been moved to August 15. to accomodate this).

As the porting experiment was carried out on github, we will continue development there and update the TRAC to track the git repository instead of the current subversion repository which will be orphaned.

05/27/11 kohlhase 2011-05-27: Formula Search in Planetary #338

Planetary has gained a formula search engine. Go to http://arxivdemo.mathweb.org and check it out. In the header bar, you can click the MWS engine. This allows you to create a search formula in content MathML (see the examples on the right) and query with that Clicking on the title of the hit will show the formula in the context of the article.

05/24/11 kohlhase 2011-05-22: Semantic Editing landed #330

We now have semantic editing support in the web interface. It currently supports semantic syntax highlighting semantic tab completion and \termrefs. This is already a great help.

05/24/11 kohlhase 2011-05-18: Pull architecture landed #329

The Planetary System now allows editing workflows both from the web interface, as well as via working copies of the TNTBase system. This makes workflows which need large collection edits much simpler.

Any change in the repository is mirrored in the Planetary Front End.

04/23/11 kohlhase 2011-04-23: New Metadata Architecture landed #274

We have landed a new metadata architecture for the Planetary System. The main idea is that the semantic services extract RDF from the semantic documents (and compute new ones) and deposit it in the triple store (Virtuoso) that has been integrated into the Planetary System. Then the Planetary interface can make use of these via SPARQL queries for a variety of access methods. The first application of this architecture is the MSC view access method deployed on http://alpha.planetmath.org.

04/11/11 cdavid 2011-04-11: Planetary has a new logo #254

Many thanks go to Mihai and Joe!!!

03/05/11 kohlhase 2011-03-04: New paper on Planetary architecture available #231

Catalin David, Deyan Ginev, Michael Kohlhase, Bogdan Matican, Stefan Mirea have just submitted a paper on the Panetary Architecture: A Framework for Modular Semantic Publishing with Separate Compilation and Dynamic Linking, submitted to the SEPUBLICA Workshop at ESWC.

For more papers on Planetary see Documentation

02/24/11 kohlhase 2011-02-24: Planetary is finalist on the Elsevier Executable Paper Challenge #221

The Planetary System has been selected as one of the 10 finalists (out of 71 submissions) based on the system proposal paper.

The decision on the winner of the challenge will be based on the full paper (due March 15; current state), which will be published at ICCS and the system demo at ICCS in early June.

We will work hard to get the best system to compete.

01/07/11 kohlhase 2011-01-07: Planetary will take part in the Elsevier Executable Paper Challenge #141

The KWARC team at Jacobs University has decided to enter the Executable Papers Challenge (EPC) run by Elsevier with the concept of Active Documents (semantically annotated documents with a content commons in the background) and the Planetary System as a document player.

We have introduced an overview page for the EPC System and the development process.

A Paper is due January 15. (we push for a compelling system state in EPCpaper) and (if we are selected as one of the 10 semi-finalists) the system is due in June (development of that system is tracked in EPCdemo.

10/27/10 kohlhase 2010-10-27: Paper on the Planetary System available. #113

The first paper on the Planetary System has been accepted at the MaLog workshop. It is a good reference for the current thinking about the project.

10/27/10 kohlhase 2010-10-04: Planetary Sandbox established #112

We have opened a Sandbox installment of the Planetary System at http://planetbox.kwarc.info. It is intended as a testbed, in which plugins can be enabled, disabled, and integrated. The codebase is automatically kept up to date with the SVN trunk.

09/13/10 kohlhase 2010-09-13: Renaming TRAC and SVN #96

We have renamed the SVN repository and the TRAC to keep in sync with the new name of the Planetary System. SVN: https://svn.mathweb.org/repos/planetary TRAC: http://trac.mathweb.org/planetary Furthermore, we have moved out the PlanetMath.org content into a new content repository https://svn.mathweb.org/repos/planets/planetmathredux. This move separates concerns and paves the way for a more stable infrastructure.

09/06/10 kohlhase 2010-09-06: Planet GenCS: a planetary eMath3.0 portal Hackup #75

We have deployed a hacked up proof of concept eMath3.0 Portal (a combination of the social and semantic mathematical Web). PlanetGenCS builds on the planetary system and extends its base from the LaTeX to sTEX, a semantic extension of LaTeX. The semantical relations embedded in the documents is utilized for semantic interactions via the JOBAD system.

The hackup can be visited at http://gencs.kwarc.info where it is used as the base for a one-year introductory course in Computer Science.

08/18/10 jcorneli 2010-08-18: teaser: encyclopedia articles in mathml! #47

Some of the legacy Encyclopedia articles are imported here:


The math looks best in Firefox 4 (http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/beta/) and is also viewable in the most recent versions of WebKit? (http://nightly.webkit.org/).

08/11/10 kohlhase 2010-08-11: Opening the Planetary System's Developer Portal #8

We are in the process of reimplementing PlanetMath based on Vanilla Forums and LaTeXML. To support this effort we have opened a Developer Forum at http://trac.kwarc.info/planetmath

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